Ritual Theophagy

by Blasphemer

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released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Blasphemer Muggiò, Italy

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Track Name: Suicide for Satan
(Lyrics by Paolo Maniezzo, Claudio De Rosa)

Serve Lucifer
give him your useless life
defeat the Christians
with your death

it's time to kill yourself
suicide for Satan

it's time to follow him
suicide for Satan

disdain the gift of the false god
take off your life!

to fight the impostor god
the betrayer son
your suicide will save you

in the name of the blasphemer
suicide for Satan
gloriously dead
Suicide for Satan
Track Name: You Are Nothing
(Lyrics by Simone Brigo, Paolo Maniezzo, Claudio De Rosa)

false idea of a supreme entity
empty name gives voice to nothing

the time has come
to deny
the fraud
the fucking lies of Christ

you tried to impose on humans
by telling tales
favoring the belief in...evil!

you are nothing
you are nothing
you are nothing
you are nothing

i never
felt your love, I never
heard your comforting word, I never
saw your shining light
I never
wanted a god in my life

I will always scream your absence
I will fight your cursed belief

fuck you failed god
fuck you bastard son
fuck you false god
fuck you liar

fuck you failed god
fuck you bastard son
fuck you false god
fuck you liar

God is an illusion,
nothing was made to be idolized
Track Name: Jesus Rapes
(Lyrics by Paolo Maniezzo)

unaware creature
cries on his mother's lap foreseeing the pain
the ominous torture

as I take you
in my arms
I am your master!

offering you to god
like a beast on the altar of sacrifice

lustful shivers are running
through my body
as I wash your forehead
I baptize you in my unholy spirit

Like Christ said:
let the children come to me
let them open their mouth innocently
to receive god’ seed

kneeled and surrender they ask for forgiveness

take this and drink it bless his name and
swallow the penance

Track Name: Worship In The Void
(Lyrics by Simone Brigo)

Wretched finished creature
fell from grace
and rejected

a sword of fire
separates you from the father
cursed exile
God's anathema

fainted candle, which languish
god is fire, you're wick
seized by invisible hand
thrown into death
into pain,
into fault,
into selfdisguise


be afraid of his love
tremble returning him

Worship in the void
your voice is left unheard

joined hands
fall on your knees
bowed down
at nothingness' feet

embraced by the darkness
the frozen face of god
watches through empty eyes
a lifeless silence his dumb voice

Worship in the void

your prayers are breaking
on the petrified image
of a false hating idol

your voice is echoing and rejected
falls at your feet
smashed in derision

the tomb is empty
but his word is a rusting forgotten nail
stuck in your flesh
Track Name: Anthichristian Extremism
(Lyrics by Paolo Maniezzo)

No tolerance for those who believe in Christ
Murdering Christians
we put everything to an end

Destroying churches, nailing them on the cross as their savior
Mangling them they'll understand that there is no forgiveness

Die in your mother's arms like your messiah
no tomb will honor your filthy bodies

Antichristian extremism
Antichristian extremism

Annihilating God
Smashing the Jubilee
Obliterating your beliefs

Excruciating cries will be your last prayers
Slaughtering your children there'll be no offspring

Christians corpses satiate
our hunger
Their daughters satisfy
our lust

You'll feel the pain of your prophet
Rusty nails tear hands and feet
Bleeding will stain your putrescent corpses
Worms will lead you to your death

God is no more, God is no more

No more! No more! No more! No more!
Track Name: Annihilated Divinity
(lyrics: Simone Brigo, Paolo Maniezzo)

Inglorious king,
denuded, derided and despised
thorns crown your defeat, shrouding it in shame

Fateful ensign of death
The death affects the supreme,
who's hanging from the wood of infamy


The death steps on clothed as a Cassius
sticks his lance through your ribs letting you bleed the divine blood falls and infects the earth
Jesus is dead,

Annihilated divinity

taking pleasure from god´s fall black sun obscures the world
Satan has taken full control

no salvation
dead on the cross
no redemption Christ's forever lost

we will wait your resurrection to kill you
again and again

humiliated, immolated, obliterated divinity
defeated, dethroned, denied divinity
forgotten, forsaken, annihilated divinity
Track Name: Obscuring The Holy Light
(Lyrics by Simone Brigo)

obsessed by evil
I became anathema of Christ
Satan has eclipsed the holy light
will no more shine
eternal night shrouds the divine

immolated Christians
to please our master Satan
crucifying thousands
to glorify lord Satan

eleven horn has born
prophecy is fulfilled
the beast seats on his throne
to rule the world

Obscuring the holy light
Obscuring the holy light

Ave lord Satan
Ave lord Satan

the lightless darkness
from the abyss rises
the wicked, unholy
from the abyss rises

the only lights in the night
are funeral pyres,
burning churches
into eternal fire

god is lifeless
the beast has prevailed
godless, the world
will lie into…


Spitting on the cross
following the goat
Christians are lost
wolves will slay the flock

Obscuring the holy light
Obscuring the holy light

sun has died
god's eclipsed
Track Name: Crucifix Of Shit (Stench Of Prophet)
(Lyrics by Paolo Maniezzo, Simone Brigo)

Kneeled to the corpse
of a dead god

disgraced being
entangled in sin
begging for forgiveness

mortifying your body / religion wants you weak
immolating freedom / religion wants you slave

god wants you dead
bow to the crucifix of....shit!

stench of prophet impossible to breath
smell of shit from your mouth
defecating lies
on hungry faithful

theological coprophagy
cloaca religion
excrement is your body,
piss is your blood
bow to the crucifix of shit
Track Name: Fetishistic Idolatry Of The Cross
(Lyrics by Paolo Maniezzo)

Wicked thoughts which erase your chastity
Figuring that wooden touch between your legs

Let the lord you gave your life enter in you
Vaginal fluids wet your robe
Making you dirtier than a false confession

Your pussy lips swallow the body of Christ like a communion
Entering in the church you think not at the sacred
but at the profane

Kneeling in front of the cross
no pray, no penitence
Only to suck parishioners' cocks
Desiring and asking to nail your ass
Fetishistic idolatry of the cross

Taking the wood of Christ
Screaming the name of incest

As a sign of devotion
you spread the anal doors
Filling with shit that thing you adore
Licking it you feel the taste of your religion

Fetishistic cult of shit
Track Name: I Deny
(Lyrics by Simone Brigo, Paolo Maniezzo)

Intro, taken from The Octopus, Season 3 episode 1, 1987 Translation:

in the sign of the cross there's a trick!
Father, son and holy spirit. But there is a trick!

"you are blaspheming against god! Go away! Go away and go back to where you've come from. The sacrament of Confession!"

No, there's a trick! There is a catch!
can't you see that it's here, here! There's nothing here!
The forehead's the Father, the heart's the Son, the left is the Holy Spirit. But what's over here? What do you see? Who's the fourth one? Do you know?

"go away!"

The fourth one is the devil!

I won’t bow
To the dying god
Crucified Truth
Declared dead

I won’t adore the shadow of a chimera
Lunatic conception!
I deny - his existence
I deny - his majesty

Behind the illusion shines a cruel lie

God’s False

False is the promise
False is the teaching of his rise
False is the redemption from the death

Nobody’s father
Your name shall be cursed

No christ!

I don’t believe the fucking lie!
I won’t believe the fucking lie!

I deny your omnipotence
I urinate in the holy chalice

His word is dead forever
With him
on the cross
like a rusty nail
In the rotten wood

Deprecating all Christian concepts
contradicting them with sins
Violating every moral law
Track Name: Ritual Theophagy
(Lyrics by Simone Brigo)

Feasting with the blood of Christ
A macabre ritual
The ominous God who grants his flesh,
Feeds servants with his corrupted body
Infecting souls with the tumor of his Word
Darkening the Earth with the shadow of the cross